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Matthew Vinci



Matt Vinci was born in Memphis and raised in Cincinnati, where he enjoyed the privileges and suffered the dysfunctions of an American life drenched in disparate influences. From Norman Rockwell to 2 Live Crew, Matt grew up not knowing who he was or what to believe. Highschool led to college,  where he continued his education at The Ohio State University, earning a B.A. in International Studies and Spanish.

In the year after college he moved to Washington DC where he worked during the day as an intern for the Washington Office for Latin American Affairs, a non-profit Human Rights advocacy office, and then threw in for a night shift at Pizzeria Uno’s in Union Station. Disillusioned by the reality of national politics, he returned to Ohio and spent the next five years



working as a stage and commercial actor during the day; and as a ramp agent and eventual Load Planner for DHL Airways at night.


While all of the promise and energy of a young life was unfolding Matt also began battling severe sinus issues. The illness eventually spread to his lungs and culminated in a two-and-a-half-decade long battle to feel whole. His healthcare battles included six surgeries, a bankruptcy, and feelings of deep isolation. The frustration of being unable to breathe properly, and the sensory deprivation that accompanied it, led to social isolation and a cynicism toward the exaggerated promises and hero worship of American work culture.  Particularly it's claims that struggling people somehow deserve the difficult circumstances under which they barely survive.  Struggling merely to breath, he knew better.

In 2000, Matt pressed on to Los Angeles where he dove into the Hollywood grind. While continuing to work in freight, he entered into a Meisner program and developed into an exceptional actor. Meantime, spurred on by the financial realities of ill health and the pursuit of showbusiness he also earned a Fitness Training certifications and picked up additional work as a CFT.  This, with his background as a wrestler found him moonlighting as a Bouncer in the Hollywood nightclub scene. After several years of working back-to-back third and first shift jobs, his illness worsened and forced him to slow down and change course. By 2012 he left the nightclub scene and started taking architectural drawing and design courses at LACC while continuing to serve his private clientele as a Trainer. He thrived in community college. While there, a chance research project introduced him to glass kiln casting.


By 2015, slowed by illness, but encouraged by a love of the weird rigors of glass sculpting, Matt opened a small studio in a rented garage in Cypress Park, Los Angeles. Having no guidance, but supported by his girlfriend and partner, he funded the studio by continuing to Fitness Train and by jumping into gig work as a Lyft Driver. Over the course of 5 years, he produced several works and many sketches of works he hoped to create in the future. When the COVID lockdown hit, he was forced to close shop as his jobs and income dried up. 

At the beginning of 2020, he began a course of new medicine that finally mitigated the horrible, 25-year nightmare of illness. No longer young though, he found himself afflicted by Hashimoto’s Disease and was the recipient of a heart pacemaker. The damage of working hard through years of illness had been done. 2020 brought him the gift, though, of breath and rest.  Matt was reconnected with his senses, and to enjoyment of life thanks to California's socialized medicine and the Pandemic Relief payments. The respite was needed, and he felt, deserved. In December of 2021, he followed his partner of 11 years to the San Francisco Bay Area and began working for none other than his old friend and mentor, David Ruth. Matt continues to learn from and to work for David. As his new works develop, little by little, Matt is fulfilling his goals , growing as a unique artist and most of all, just enjoying feeling whole.

Artist CV


2015   Corning Museum Glass Studio, Corning, NY.  Cold                   Work and Hxtal Lamination with Martin Rosol and                     Pavel Novak.

2014   Pratt Fine Art Center, Seattle, WA. Open Faced Kiln                   Casting with Lisa Zerkowitz.

2013   The Glass Studio, Highland Park, CA.  Casting an Lost             wax Casting with Cathi Milligan.

2012   Bullseye Glass Co., Emeryville, CA. Bas Relief Kiln                   Casting.

2011-2014    Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA.                   (Drawing, Design and Sculpture Courses)

2007-2012    Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA.                   Architecture Design and Drawing courses.



2015   Corning Glass Studio, Corning, NY

2012   Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA


2018   Emerge, Bullseye Glass Gallery, Portland, OR

2017   Earth Recycled, Downey Civic Theatre, Downey, CA

2017   Chocolate and Art Show, The Vortex, Los Angeles, CA


Relevant skills:

           Architectural drawing, Architectural design and model             making, Pencil drawing. Open faced kiln glass                         casting, Wet saw. Wet angle grinder. Hand sanding                 glass. Grinding and polishing glass using lap                           grinding, angle grinding and cerium oxide buffing.

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