Matthew Vinci



Artist's Statement

I've been advised not to say that these are hard times. But how can we not?  The heritage and mind space of the artist is very much to be an empiricist as much as a  dreamer.  So I look at the world as it is so that I can reflect properly. I'm lucky, crucially so,

to have the support of my partner and my loved ones. Living and working, precariously, in Los Angeles, CA as rents go through the roof is difficult. Without their help, none of this work here would have been. For the wider world, I look around and see that there isn't help, typically.  There is, at best indifference and at worst malice in the commodification of our culture and selves.  An unexamined adherence to, and even a deification of what social scientists term "just world" fallacies.

So, as one of those guys who think that society and the world are unravelling, I am lucky to have an imagination that gifts to me florid, complex considerations of space and light.  Sometimes I find them and sometimes they find me. All of these works stem from one such aside that found me while trying to get ahead in art and architecture classes at the local community college. There, I happened upon the glass castings of Stanislav Libensky. His works have very obvious parallels with architecture and embody the best of it, really. I was fascinated by his Red Pyramid and Space III, who's sheer optical gravity and presence helped to both anchor my mind and smack aside my rational cynicism with a wonderful feeling of earned mystery. Flash forward a few years, and here I am, attempting to explore the wonder created by the optical 

properties of glass. I try to present something wonderful from something routine in an effort to address the immense personal disquiet I feel as I experience this world's mix of cruelty and charity.  I address it with light and quiet craft. And also with some hope that the American myth that rewards follow those who pursue their passions is true. I've put that to the test for 25 years and found it to be false so far.  I sincerely hope these works offer some respite to other struggling folks. We deserve it. We all deserve it.




Artist CV


2015   Corning Museum Glass Studio, Corning, NY.  Cold                   Work and Hxtal Lamination with Martin Rosol and                     Pavel Novak.

2014   Pratt Fine Art Center, Seattle, WA. Open Faced Kiln                   Casting with Lisa Zerkowitz.

2013   The Glass Studio, Highland Park, CA.  Casting an Lost             wax Casting with Cathi Milligan.

2012   Bullseye Glass Co., Emeryville, CA. Bas Relief Kiln                   Casting.

2011-2014    Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA.                   (Drawing, Design and Sculpture Courses)

2007-2012    Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA.                   Architecture Design and Drawing courses.



2015   Corning Glass Studio, Corning, NY

2012   Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA


2018   Emerge, Bullseye Glass Gallery, Portland, OR

2017   Earth Recycled, Downey Civic Theatre, Downey, CA

2017   Chocolate and Art Show, The Vortex, Los Angeles, CA


Relevant skills:

           Architectural drawing, Architectural design and model             making, Pencil drawing. Open faced kiln glass                         casting, Wet saw. Wet angle grinder. Hand sanding                 glass. Grinding and polishing glass using lap                           grinding, angle grinding and cerium oxide buffing.