A year into the Covid world, this website is a digital museum piece now. Which feels strange to me. I'm a solitary type and in my little studio I did more of my version of living, breathing and filthy, sweaty, loving work than any other time or place in my life. This site is just a strange, soft, dry whisper in relation to that.  To me.  


As things stood, I was just some dude playing tiddlywinks in a rented garage between working hours as a personal fitness trainer. There was, ALREADY, an age old tale of difficulty and woe preceding all of this. And as a response to all of that, my art was pressed out of a tremendous, personal disquiet and a desire to be sane, valuable and a part of society. I have no idea where I am going from here. Clearly it won't be that. Nonetheless, these works, I made.  I hope you connect with something here.